wiscasset_20160422History of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Wiscasset, Maine

The building which houses St. Philip’s was built as a Baptist Church in 1823.  By 1833, the folks had fallen into a theological debate.  It isn’t clear whether the issues were settled or not, but in that year the building ceased being used as a Baptist Church.

In 1856 there were a few Anglicans around and they managed to buy the building, grounds, and pews.  In that same year, the church was consecrated as an Episcopal Church.  A steeple was erected in 1857.  One of the interesting facts about the purchase is that the Anglican women got together to do sewing which they sold. They were able to raise more than one-third of the purchase price.

The Church has had its ups and downs over the years.  There were times when we could not afford the salary of a minister.  There were other times when major additions were added to the building to accommodate the growth of the parish and its functions.